science (rigerimod): for the treatment of lupus


Lupuzor™ is a potentially breakthrough treatment for lupus, having recently began phase III in Europe and the U.S. under a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) and Fast Track designation from the U.S. FDA. ImmuPharma holds all worldwide rights of this lead compound.

Lupuzor™ was invented at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, (CNRS) in France, Europe's largest fundamental research insitution with which the ImmuPharma group has a long-standing collaboration. Lupuzor™ has undergone substantial testing, including preclinical development, phase I, phase IIa and phase IIb.

The key highlights and advantages of Lupuzor™ include:
  • Unique Mechanism of Action - modulates the immune system to correct its abnormality
  • It is a small peptide, not a monoclonal antibody
  • Convenient dosing; only a small quantity needed every few weeks
  • Good safety profile
  • Good eficacy as shown in clinical trials


Corporate deals involving Lupuzor™

Cephalon Inc.
ImmuPharma entered into a corporate deal with Cephalon, Inc. in November 2008 whereby Cephalon licensed worldwide the exclusive rights to Lupuzor™. Due to the acquisition of Cephalon by Teva on October 14, 2011, ImmuPharma regained all rights to Lupuzor™ worldwide and has initiated discussions with other pharmaceutical companies for a new corporate deal, while exploring the option of retaining rights until commercialisation.